malabar red brahman bulls

Breeding Objectives

As a Brahman seedstock operation, our overriding objective is to produce and provide a premium product to the marketplace, that adds value to our clients business.  To do this we must keep an open mind in our approach and decision making.We are continually looking to improve the overall quality, efficiency and productivity of our cow herd.  Over the last number of years, we have settled on some guiding characteristics for our seedstock business.  

1. Fertility

Fertility drives the profitability of any enterprise, be it stud or commercial, and as such we aim to only utilise those females that have stood the test of time, of getting into calf, successfully raising a calf and rebreeding while lactating over a number of years.We see significant value in moderate females that has a calf every year, and aim to identify these females, to utilise technology to bring their progeny to the marketplace. 

2. Temperament

Generally, identification of suitable sale and keeper animals is done through the weaning process, as the raw nature of the calf is on display. Any significant displays of unrest or aggression are noted and moved on within a short space of time. 

3. Performance

At the end of the day we are all aiming to grow as much saleable beef, as efficiently and economically as possible. We look for thickness and length in our bulls that we are using within our programs, with the aim to continually improve the progeny of each generation, that has the do-ability to sustain themselves and grow out in our variable environment.We utilise Breedplan data when selecting bulls for females and have all our progeny Genomic tested as part of their DNA profiling. 

4. Structural Integrity

Our breeding females need to be able to exhibit soundness of their own and endure through the all breeding processes and this is reflected in sound and robust progeny. Coupled with the soundness of their body, is the mothering and milking ability of the female via a sound and effective udder. This allows progeny a strong start and weight gain through to weaning. 

5. Polledness

Since our inception, we have recognised the benefits of poll breeding, being labour saving and general animal welfare at weaning.  We have a substantial base of our females with generations of poll breeding, providing opportunity to outcross with appropriate performance or horned bulls as necessary to maintain or enhance strong growth and weight for age attributes.